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    The UFF-FAU Grievance/Contract Enforcement Chair should be consulted when you believe your rights have been violated by administrative personnel. Your right to organize and for redress of grievances as a State of Florida public employee are defined under Florida Statute 447. A grievance is a specific violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between United Faculty of Florida and Florida Atlantic University’s Board of Trustees.

    Since faculty and staff within the Bargaining Unit are subject to the provisions of the CBA, in most instances a grievance is an appropriate first step of redress. Please keep in mind that you must be a dues-paying member of UFF for the Grievance Chair to assist you in the grievance process.

    You have thirty days to file a grievance. If you are a dues-paying member don’t waste time if you believe your rights have been violated. Contact your UFF Steward, or the Contract Enforcement Chair.

    Grievance/Contract Enforcement Chair:

    Dr. Doug Broadfield, Anthropology
    Office: 561-297-2256
    Email: broadfield(at)mac.com

    Stewards/Contract Enforcement on the FAU Campuses

    Arts & Humanities Building.: Amy Broderick, Visual Arts, 7-4315, abroderi(at)fau.edu
    Culture & Society Building.: James Tracy, Communication, 7-6265, jamestrcy(at)yahoo.com
    Social Science Building.: Pam Brannon, Political Sci., 7-2074, pbrannon(at)fau.edu
    Business Building.: Barry Axe, Management, 7-3654, baxe(at)fau.edu
    Education Building.: Ali Danesh, 7-2071, danesh(at)fau.edu
    Comm. Sci.& Dis.: Dale Williams, 7-3238, dwilliam(at)fau.edu
    Nursing Building.: Marilyn Parker, 7-3376, mparker(at)fau.edu
    New Engineering Building.: Bassam Alhalabi, 7-3182, bassem(at)alhalabi.us
    Physical Science Building., Old Engineering Bldg., Complex Systems, Sea Tech
    Dept. of Geosciences: TBA
    Dept. Biological Sciences: TBA
    Dept. Psychology: TBA
    FAUS (Henderson School): Debra Vance Noelk, FAUS, 7-3970, dvance(at)fau.edu
    Library: Malka Schyndel, 7-0495, schyndel(at)fau.edu
    LA Building, Davie: TBA
    ES Building, Davie: Bev Warde, Except’l Student, 6-1009, bwarde(at)fau.edu
    Tower Buildings: Shane Eason, 954-762-5246 (ext. 6-5246) eason(at)fau.edu
    Jupiter, Treasure Coast: Roberta Weber, Educ. Tech. Res., 6-8519, rweber(at)fau.edu
    Honors College: Dan White, 6-8651, dwhite(at)fau.edu

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Next UFF-FAU Bargaining Meetings

Jan. 15th (Thursday) at 9:00 am in the Provost Conference Room.

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