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    UFF-FAU Officers

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    UFF-FAU Chapter Officers 2013-14

    Chris Robe’, President, Communication & Multimedia Studies
    Meredith Mountford, First Vice President, Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
    Ali Farazmand, Second Vice President, School of Public Administration
    Shane Eason, Secretary, Communication & Multimedia Studies
    Maris Hayashi, Treasurer, University Libraries
    Lacey Chimienti, A.D. Henderson School
    Daniela Popova, Department of Mathematical Sciences


    Deandre Poole, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies
    Thomas Fernandez, Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Shane Eason, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies
    Alyse Ergood, University Library
    LeaAnne DeRigne, School of Social Work
    Pak-Cheung (Edgar) An, Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

    Alternate Senators

    Robert Zoeller, Department of Exercise Science and Health Promotion
    James Kumi-Diaka, Department of Biology
    Bonnie DeGialleanardo, University Library
    Lester Embree, Department of Philosophy
    James Tracy, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies
    David Herst, Department of Management and International Business Entrepreneurship

    Chairs of Standing Committees

    Bargaining, Sharmila Vishwasrao, Economics, 7-3229, svishwas(at)fau.edu
    Events, Lydia Smiley, Except’l Student, 7-3287,
    Grievance/Contract Enforcement, Doug Broadfield, Department of Anthropology, 7-2256,
    Chris Robe, Communication, 7-1306

    Stewards/Contract Enforcement on the FAU Campuses

    Arts & Humanities Building.: Amy Broderick, Visual Arts, 7-4315, abroderi(at)fau.edu
    Culture & Society Building.: Chris Robe, Communication, 7-1306,
    Social Science Building.: Pam Brannon, Political Sci., 7-2074,
    Business Building.: Barry Axe, Management, 7-3654,
    Education Building.: Ali Danesh, 7-2071,
    Comm. Sci.& Dis.: Dale Williams, 7-3238, dwilliam(at)fau.edu
    Nursing Building.: Marilyn Parker, 7-3376,
    New Eng. Building.: Bassam Alhalabi, 7-3182,
    Physical Science Building., Old Engineering Bldg., Complex Systems, Sea Tech
    Dept. of Geosciences: TBA

    Dept. Biological Sciences: TBA
    Dept. Psychology: TBA
    FAUS (Henderson School): Debra Vance Noelk, FAUS, 7-3970,
    Library: Malka Schyndel, 7-0495,
    LA Building, Davie: TBA

    ES Building, Davie: Bev Warde, Except’l Student, 6-1009,
    Tower Buildings: Shane Eason,
    954-762-5246 (ext. 6-5246) eason(at)fau.edu
    Jupiter, Treasure Coast: Roberta Weber, Educ. Tech. Res., 6-8519,
    Honors College Dan White, Honors College, 6-8651,

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UFF President

Chris Robé
School of Communication

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